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 MA Capsule Collection

A Tribute to
Kansai Yamamoto

Emptiness full of possibilities. This minimalist Japanese concept has inspired MA. The pure void between all things; the very intimate and essential space between clothing and skin.

MA speaks about the continuum which spans both space and time. Practical, multifunctional and genderless. We expand the space and time between the original creation of our Kimono's and their final recycling.

Our selection of brands involved was determined by their sensitivity for harmony with our present time, their high regard for innovation and their openness to let us​ ​intervene artistically in their pieces​.

This collection features work from the artist ​Marianne Giuliano​ with the pieces by ​Canussa​, ​Shoes​ from Onnoa that were painted, scratched and gilded; ​Luz de Nehca​'s exclusive fairmined silver netsuke-inspired jewel and Araceli García​’s painting for the Mini Moon kimono.

MA takes place in the emblematic Hotel Atlántico, where the horizon can be seen from anywhere in The Parador. The horizon, the infinite expansion that is the distance, “MA”, between Andalucia and Japan.

A Tribute to Kansai Yamamoto, rest in peace.
From the South, With love!

Amy Valentine