If when you receive your order you are not satisfied, you have a period of fifteen days from the date of receipt to return your order.


You can only exchange an item for the same in a different size. Please specify the size you want to change the article. If you want to change for something else than recommend a return and order again.

Returns from shipping address

If returned, shipping charges are not refunded. Also, the cost of collection will be pay by the customer (with the exception of defective products).

Refund will be given to the buyer’s credit card (Paypal account).

Items purchased online can also be returned in our workshop in the C/Cuesta La Rosa 6 A. 11630, Arcos de La Frontera Cádiz, Spain within the time specified.

Return Important information

The item must be returned new, unused and within 15 days from the date of receipt.
Use for sending the original package, if the item is damaged in transit may not be accepted for return.

Defective item

An article is considered defective if they are received with the defect, if the defect is the result of the use is not considered defective.
If you want to return a defective item please note that it will only be replaced by an equal item in the same size.

Shipping Address

C/ Cuesta la Rosa 6 A, Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz 11630 Spain 

Residents of the European Union  

The prices of the products found on sale in our e-commerce store include Value Added Tax (VAT)

Residents of non EU countries

Purchases made by individuals or legal entities resident in countries outside the EU are exempt from paying VAT. We remind you that the prices quoted for shipping does not include taxes on imports, these taxes will be paid in cash on arrival by the receiver of the goods. The purchasing system is subject to the legislation in Spain, so the sales transactions are deemed performed in the address of AVASAN, C/Cuesta la Rosa 6 A. Arcos de la Frontera 11630 Cádiz, Spain.

Security information

We protect the personal data being transferred with a secure SSL connection (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is a security technology that guarantees that your personal data, the method of payment including credit card information and/or account information, and data about your order are securely transferred over the Internet. The data are encrypted such that they are readable only by the recipient (i.e., Schirm Oertel). Applied encryption protocol: SSL; key length: RSA 2048/256 bit.These data are encrypted:
Personal data (address, telephone number, etc.)
Mode of payment (credit card or account information)
Order information (product details).