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Two in One | Seasonless

Our Two in One | AW 2020 collection is inspired by the landscapes of Andalusia, the flocks of sheep, their wool and the colors of the flowers that cover the scenery.

"TWO" represents the contents of the collection: recycled industrial fabrics and certified organic cotton and wool. "ONE" represents Kimonos made of "TWO": First, recycled textiles and second, soft certified and ecofriendly organic textures.

The "fringes" of wool represent the roots of the plants and the lines that birds draw in the sky and fish in water: roots tracing life.

Yolanda Relinque is a plastic artist who has collaborated with us in this collection. And we are happy to be working once more with painter Araceli García.

The collection is made with noble materials, 60% of fabrics phased out by the Spanish fashion industry and 40% organic cotton and Spanish Merino wool.

The wool threads come from a local carpet factory that closed in 2018 and from a donation of the "Royal Tapestry Factory" in Madrid. 

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