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Sky Mirrors Water

Amy Valentine and Araceli García come together to present their textile pieces: painted kimonos, on the fine line between art and crafts.  From tradition to contemporary, each kimono is hand painted by the artist Araceli García evoking mother nature. It is painted once made, so it is about creating a work of art with its sculptural volumes as a premise to link each brushstroke.

The canvas is not flat, it is an achievement of seams and volumes where the work emerges.  A way of connecting the east with the west, the feminine with the masculine, stillness with movement; taking identity to matter, on a path to beauty.  Each piece arises from the absolute need to work with the hands, in each work a research path is opened on which to continue to polish not only the technique but also the intention and purpose.

Creating this capsule collection, each kimono is being transformed into an authentic painting where watercolors find their natural place and beautify the garment.

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