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Sky Mirrors Water

From soft foam wave out white fibers

with broken colour that stain with calm.

Almost speechless.

It returns to crystal and is bathed,

in what passes as a second in our life.

In that instant,

all that we were, are, and will be

is above as it is below,

and it seems that a tremor is welcomed into the chest.

When nature overwhelms us,

we can only be as nature,

restoring the beauty

that has been shown to us.

Araceli García

Translated by Kingsley L. Dennis


A very intimate work of art "Water Harmony in red" talks about spiritual movements in art. From the absense of fire in water. Watercolor on 100% cotton paper.

Exclusive sale in our shop

Watercolor, oil colors on certified FSC cotton paper.

3 weeks.

19,6 in X 19,6 in.

We recommend framing the artwork with cristal.

Each artwork of the Sky Mirrors Water series will be an original piece, signed and numbered by Araceli Garcia.

Araceli García.

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